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About Us  

Race Mirrors evolved from strong beginnings. And we've refined and improved our designs and improved our quality during the past 20 years.

The company's heritage is linked directly to the race track and the thousands of amateur and professional racers around the world.

The power behind the technology is not horsepower but the power of aerodynamics.

Instead of spending big money to develop engine horsepower, we know that by reducing aerodynamic drag we can help drivers improve overall speed and reduce lap times.

Finesse versus brute force, so to say.

Our elliptical and rectangular Professional and Club mirrors have been a common sight on championship-winning cars for the past 15 years. We've dominated Formula Ford and Formula Vee podiums at the SCCA Runoffs for at least a decade. Our domination reaches to Pro Ford 1600 & 2000, and across borders into Canada, Australia and throughout Europe.

In the wind tunnel the Professional and Professional Aero Extreme designs were refined to reduce aerodynamic drag


significantly. We're talking at least a 25 percent reduction in drag.

Professional Aero Extreme achieves a reduction in aerodynamic drag of at least 55 percent.

The advanced Aero Extreme designs received a US patent for aerodynamic technology which makes the Professional Aero Extreme the most aero efficient competition mirror on the track today.

Genuine carbon fiber, convex glass lens (wide view, without distortion), and CNC-machined 6061 aluminum mountings are features that raise Race Mirrors competitive on-track advantage and durability. A set of Race Mirrors aerodynamic mirrors will endure more than a few season of competition.

We continue to develop new designs. For 2017 we introduced a smaller dash-mount design to the range of cost-effective measures only 4.5 inches across the face, and sits atop a 3.25-inch stem.

Our new SuperCar Interior with unique rollbar wrap-over design along with an exceptionally wide 17.7in (450mm X 60mm) convex mirror moves so far beyond the old Wink-style and AllView design.

As you know by now, Race Mirrors sees competition mirrors differently.